February 6, 2015

Makeup in many colorsAlthough 2015 has just begun, some trends in color cosmetic packaging have already become apparent. According to the editors of GCI Magazine, the most noticeable of these 2015 packaging trends include the following:

Food Inspired Packaging

According to Editor Sandra Hutson, one of her favorite new trends involves a lip gloss package that resembles a lollipop. She says that not only will 2015 see other cosmetics that resemble treats, but these packages will also be multifunctional and customizable. Hutson says consumers will find packaging that gives them exactly what they need.

Packaging that Resembles the Formula

Editor Damien Dossin lists another growing trend as “Formula Inside/Out,” where intricate design work makes the packaging reflect the look of the cosmetic inside. For example, a glittery eyeshadow may be packaged using metallic foils or 3D glitter. He also noted that many brands are opting for clear packaging, so consumers can look right at the product inside.

Other new trends include textured packaging, sensorial effects,  and easy-to-use applicators. It appears that the cosmetics packaging industry is adapting to the busy lifestyle of the modern consumer. If you’re interested in learning more about the popularity of easy use packaging, check out our last blog post about one handed cosmetics.