Printing & Labeling for Cosmetic Packaging


In the beauty industry, first impressions are everything. That’s why Quadpack dedicates itself to creating beautiful treatments that add the perfect finishing touch to packaging. Its specialist decoration experts experiment with new techniques, to push the boundaries of creative design and raise packaging concepts to new levels.

The following are descriptions of our cosmetic packaging and labeling services:

Hot Stamping :

We use a metallic foil which is applied thanks to a heated die to the packaging. Standard colors gold & silver shiny are available in-stock. Different finishes or colors are available on-demand. Our special know-how in Quadpack Germany allows us to propose a full hot stamp cap solution, ideal for price efficiency and aluminum brushed effect. Available on plastic, metal, glass, and wood.

Silk Screening :

This is a great option for bright, bold colors and designs. Silk-screening is a screen-printing technique that involves transferring ink through a mesh fixed to a frame. One color is printed at a time, so multiple meshes are used for multi-color designs.

It’s a great option, thanks to the opacity & texture, to provide a luxurious look and feel to your product.
Available on plastic, wood, metal & glass.

LabelingLabeling :

With more than 10 million units of capacity per year, we have huge flexibility in our Dallas plant to meet your urgent needs. Our strong local printer partnerships provide high flexibility of solutions to meet your need depending on each decoration and quantity.
Available on tube, bottle, jar & airless.

Digital Printing :

A smart solution to achieve CMYK decoration for small quantities. No tooling & set up cost. Available on Heat transfer label for the tube.

Shrink Sleeving :

The perfect solution for image quality decoration on 360 degrees. Available for plastic or glass bottles.

Metallization :

We propose vacuum metalizing to enhance our solutions. Big standards are shiny gold and silver, we also propose customized colors. Available on plastic components like caps, pumps, bottles.

Spray Coating :

A small layer of paint applied to a component to give the final color. Can be used for opaque, translucent, or a gradient finish in shiny or matte. Available for glass, plastic, metal, and wood.

LaserLaser Engraving :

Laser engraving etches a design onto a surface by means of a laser. This kind of decoration enables a subtle form of branding, adding a minimalist touch of elegance. We provide a great experience on wood with permanent, sharp, and well-defined results. No ink is required and the process is quick compared to other techniques.

Soft Touch  :

A prestigious solution where a soft touch or heavy matte finish can be added to the pack via a spray process. 
Available on plastic & glass.

Anodization :

The specific process that gives the final color to a metal component. Available on metal components.

Pad Printing :

It’s a gravure printing process that consists of a metal or plastic plate embossed with an image. The cliché is coated with special ink and the excess is removed by a blade. A silicone pad then transfers the image onto the pack, pressing first onto the cliché, then onto the pack. Multiple colors can be layered without the need for drying (wet on wet). Pad printing is very flexible and can print on virtually any shape. Available on plastic, glass, and metal.

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