Wood Used in Cosmetics

Wood packaging for cosmetics has evolved from being an experimental material to one that is now widely used, accepted by some of the biggest beauty brands in the world. Wood is technically sound, gorgeous, and tactile.

Quadpack Wood is the innovator and world leader in wood cosmetics packaging, having provided the very first wooden component for beauty packaging in 2001.

In our FSC® & PEFCTM certified plant in Spain, under the direction of our team of professionals with unsurpassed mastery and knowledge of this miraculous material for beauty products, we produce both conventional and customized solutions.



Woodacity® is a line of 100% wood, plastic-free cap and closure systems that uses wood packaging to achieve the highest level of sustainability.

The revolutionary wood ribs in our patented fragrance cap technology provide the ideal amount of softness and flexibility to provide the best closure  performance and industry-leading reliability.

Additionally, we provide closure systems made entirely of wood for a range of glass and plastic jars. Both in our basic offering and for customized demands, Woodacity® is available. Keep an eye on our catalogue for more Woodacity® packs to come!



About Quadpack Wood

Quadpack Wood, which was established in 1986 and was acquired by Quadpack in 2013, is situated north of Barcelona in a little community nestled midway between the city and the Pyrenees.

Quadpack Wood, the first company to receive certification from both the FSC® and the PEFCTM, is the innovator and market leader in wood packaging components for the beauty industry.

30 production lines are housed in our 10,000 m2 facility, which have the ability to create 45 million pieces annually. The energy for Quadpack Wood’s heaters, air conditioners, and dryers is now produced through the company’s own biomass plant using the factory’s wood waste due to significant investment in clean manufacturing technologies. The factory also uses only renewable energy for its electricity needs.

Sources and Types of Wood

All of our wood comes from expanding, low-risk, and well-managed European forests, the vast majority of which are FSC® & PEFCTM certified.

We produce parts using four different types of wood, all of which are non-endangered species and each of which provides the ideal density and hardness for use as packaging.

Exotic timbers and other species whose provenance cannot be established are NOT used by us.

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