January 21, 2016

Woman applying makeupWe see it more and more each day. In restaurants, bars, shopping malls, even at work, it seems everyone has a cell phone or tablet glued to their hands. As a result, we’re all becoming more skilled at performing daily tasks with only one hand. This trend is even expanding into the way some cosmetics companies package their products.

Makeup On-the-Go

Not only are certain brands going for a “high tech” look, some are going as far as to come up with innovative ways to cater products toward those with electronic device dependency. Take STIKS COSMETIKS for example. This company markets their new lipstick as the first that allows women to text and apply makeup at the same time. The small, metallic tube is compact and flat so it will easily fit into any size purse or clutch. Additionally, the lipstick container features a cap that can be flipped up with just one movement of the thumb. There’s no need to twist the stick to get more product, as all of the lipstick in the container is above the packaging’s base line. Essentially, this new product is completely influenced by a woman’s desire to conveniently multi-task.

In fact, the brain behind this idea belongs to a single mother of three. Laura Heilman longed for a lipstick she could fit in her back pocket and apply on-the-go anywhere from her son’s football game to a business meeting.