Make-up or skincare? Why not both!

August 18, 2021

Driven by sustainability and new consumer habits, multifunctional products are dominating the global beauty market The ‘skin minimalism’ concept is not new, but simplified and sustainable beauty routines are the

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Hybrid makeup products

Beauty Packaging Basics

October 29, 2020

Beauty products are constantly competing to be in the spotlight. There are countless amounts of beauty products at the store for consumers to look through. This means that the packaging

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4 Eco-Friendly Materials on the Rise

October 26, 2019

Environmental concerns have been a hot topic in the world of cosmetic packaging for some time. This has led many companies to search for eco-friendly, unique alternatives for packaging. While

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wood glass packaging alternatives

Quadpack’s Dropper Collection

September 4, 2019

Looking for new 2019 cosmetic packaging? This year, Quadpack Americas introduced an elegant dropper collection! Due to the large demand for oils and light liquid formulas, droppers have made a

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30ml liquid foundation dropper