August 6, 2019

cosmetic-packagingWhen it comes to choosing packaging, it can be hard to decide what aligns with your brand. Your company should be investing time on this decision and the right packaging keeps your product safe, provides functionally and attracts consumers.

A lackluster or faulty design can lead customers to skip your brand entirely! To maintain your brand’s high-quality reputation, what factors should you consider when deciding on cosmetic packaging?

Let’s take a look.

What to Consider When Choosing Cosmetic Packaging

1. Define Your Target Market

In order to keep your audience happy, you need to understand their commonalities. Are you marketing a skin care line geared towards aging skin or perhaps products for males to enjoy?

Understanding your demographic will help narrow your design possibilities and allow you to define the right message for your clientele.

2. Assess Your Budget

Before you get in too deep with any one idea, it’s good to consider spending. Understanding your product, packaging material, design and shipping costs are a large part of the equation!

A vegan face mask with 0 preservatives may be perfect in a cardboard carton-style container, but that container is much less suitable for a high-end SPF tinted moisturizer. Your product can help you budget for packaging so you can find a balance between design and production.

Keep in mind, consumers are willing to spend extra on a product that is perceived to be valuable, so it’s important to maintain that suggestion when you consider your options.

3. The Role of Transportation

Once you have begun to hone in on a few packaging ideas, ask yourself if your vision is able to hold up during travel. There is nothing worse than coming up with a trendy design that loses functionality while in transit.

Protective packaging is always beneficial when your product happens to be delicate or contains preservatives.

4. Keep Your Brand’s Message Consistent 

Consistent branding is key. Consumers trust what they can understand. If your brand doesn’t maintain some form of consistency, loyal buyers may begin to detach from the feeling that your product has meaning.

To grab and hold a consumer’s attention, tap into design that evokes emotion and keep this branding consistent among your products.

Contact East Hill Industries for Cosmetic Packaging

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At East Hill Industries, we offer a wide range of customizable cosmetic packaging options at an affordable price. We design, manufacture and deliver everything you need to make your cosmetic packaging innovative and easy-to-use.

To learn more about our packaging possibilities, visit our products.

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