January 29, 2019

Colorful cosmetic bottlesWith the new year in full swing, cosmetic companies have begun to brainstorm fresh ways to attract prospective clients. Packaging and design are smart ways to increase revenue, which is why we decided to research trending designs that will keep your product relevant in 2019.

7 Design Ideas to Boost your Packaging this Year

Minimal Effort

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Actually, minimalism is on the rise. Consumers have begun to gravitate towards brands that offer full transparency, so opting for a simple, clear casing is a way to showcase your product without any distraction. With all the competition out there, the answer may be a modest design and interesting typography.

Blending Colors

It’s no surprise that our eyes tend to gravitate towards bright color combinations! In order to capture a new buyer, consider a striking array of shades that complement your brand’s aesthetic.

Vintage Sells

Vintage is in and cosmetic companies are taking advantage of it! Brands looking to stand out among the rest are turning towards retro style labeling. Nothing states authenticity more than a vintage looking font or classic design.

Roaring 20s

Flat illustration is a style that came about in the 1920’s and gained significant recognition until the 1960’s. This kind of design is on its way back, as it offers a minimalistic vibe that allows blobs of color to stand out and emphasizes text around the design.

8-Bit Design

We usually associate 8-bit graphics with video games, but pixelated images used on products outside of the tech world make a statement. Raster graphics portray an interesting vibe that appeals to our nostalgia with color patterns that peak our interest.

Doodles & Pastels

Certain colors and designs make us feel specific emotions. What do you think of when you see soft pink hues and children’s doodles? Smart design plays up the associations we make with these messages. A set of pinks may make us feel gentle or warm, while free form drawing can make us feel playful and young.

Big Words

Obvious packaging is a bold way to create a clear message about your product. Buyers appreciate a creative set of words in an easy to read font. This kind of packaging may seem too obvious, but it is a refreshing way to entice a buyer.