July 15, 2014

Watercolor is a classic form of art and has been used for marketing purposes throughout the ages. While we’ve gotten away from these types of designs on cosmetic packaging recently, there has been a sudden resurgence that deserves some attention.

Water Color PaintsThere is more to the watercolor trend than some pretty hues. In fact, it might even be marketing genius. At a time when “natural” and “mineral” are trigger words for cosmetic marketing success, creativity that relies heavily on water and an organic touch seems to be fitting. A Beauty Packaging online exclusive also makes a great point about the visual aspect of watercolors. This type of paint is unique in that its colors reflect off of the white paper on which they are painted. This creates the illusion that the package is actually glowing from within — a very inviting message to those browsing the cosmetics aisle.

Professionals also believe that the spontaneity of watercolor strokes spark the imagination rather than forcing consumers to focus on the realistic details of the packaging. Theoretically, watercolored packaging would lend a whimsical aspect to cosmetic products and inspire the consumer to project his or her own desires onto the brand. Although this angle may not work for every brand and image, this type of packaging printing can certainly be customized to evoke different emotions from different people.

The more subdued, watered down colors tend to have a calming effect on consumers. On the other hand, some of the more vibrant hues can portray a warm, energetic image. If watercolors are an idea that will enhance your cosmetic packaging, it’s easy to make them your own and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Although watercolors may not align with every product, marketers should be aware of the potential benefits.