July 15, 2016

Man at barbershopLately, men’s hair care has been a trending topic in the beauty sector. Whether it’s a man bun, comb over, or pompadour, all of these popular styles require regular maintenance. In order to keep these styles just so, men need the proper tools and products. Beauty Packaging recently took a look at what types of packaging attract men to hair care products, and we’re sharing a few of their findings here.

One of the major trends found was convenience. Tubes, jars, and tins seem to be the most popular, especially those that resemble classic tins. Some other apparent trends included:

  • Darker Colors & Hues
  • Clean-Cut Lines & Looks
  • Flashy Decorative Pieces
  • Flip-Top Packages
  • Unique Shapes

Men’s Hair Care Trending Online

In 2015, men’s hair care was one of the “3 Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry” in a Google Trends Report. According to the search giant, men turn to the internet to search for inspiration, advice, and new products.

What’s interesting is that men tend to have more brand loyalty than women, making themselves an ideal audience for any hair care brand. Previously, hair care catered mainly to women. Now, these brands are finding that men’s hair care could be a potential gold mine.

To see a slideshow of some interesting hair care products, check out this article at Beauty Packaging.

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