June 26, 2015

Makeup BrushesWith all of the technological advancements being made in the cosmetics industry, it was only a matter of time before the classic makeup brush received an upgrade. Lately, we’ve been seeing many cosmetic and manufacturing brands launching new applicator lines full of brushes that look and work like nothing before.

This demand is following several trends in the industry causing women to strive for professional makeup looks done at home. Thanks to beauty bloggers and tutorials available online, shoppers aren’t just looking to buy individual cosmetics — they’re searching for the shades and tools necessary to complete an entire look. Applicators now need to work with a variety of products and work more efficiently.

Updating the Cosmetic Tool Kit

In addition to the brush, the demand for blending sponges is making them an essential item in most cosmetic lines. Many brands have been utilizing the contouring trend in their new applicator lines, including specific brushes and sponges for highlighting and blending. Others have been developing series of eyebrow brushes to keep up that new trend.

These tools are also receiving makeovers in terms of functionality. For example, Doll 10 Beauty has just launched a battery-operated, 360 degree rotating makeup brush. The blendSmart comes with interchangeable brush heads and claims to enable anyone to blend makeup like a pro. Another new brush by Cosmogen features a flexible, posable handle so the user can position them in any way.

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