February 29, 2020

facial recognition beauty advancesWe’re all aware that the technological advancements happening each day are changing our daily lives. We’re not far from self-driving cars and home deliveries by drone, but what big advancements are heading for the cosmetics industry?

Let’s explore 4 tech trends that are defining the way we interact with beauty products.

4 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Cosmetics

1. Facial Skin Tone Scanners

Can’t find your exact shade of foundation? Thank’s to AI technology, facial scanners are popping up everywhere to help match your skin tone with your desired brand of concealer.

These handheld digital devices are held up to your cheek to scan your skin tone. During this process, an algorithm runs through a nearby computer system that chooses from over 20,000 color shades. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll know the correct shade based on your complexion!

2. Virtual Try-on Applications

Taking selfie with phone

Not keen on sampling several different shades of lipstick? We don’t blame you. With Try-on technology, your face can stay fresh while you experiment with different shades of lipstick and eyeshadow.

Like your favorite Snapchat filter, this software works to measure your face in real time, tracking specific facial features. The tracking system helps pinpoint where your eyes and lips map out, offering a nearly flawless virtual application.

Don’t want to travel to your local cosmetics store to use one of these devices? Several cosmetic brands have developed apps where shoppers can try on and purchase cosmetics right from their cell phones.

3. Intelligent Skincare Devices

Want to know how your skin measures up? Smart skin care devices have been on the market for a while, but their capabilities continue to advance.

Several brands offer skin cleaning products that have this scanning technology built in. Simply download the device’s app, fill out a quick skin questionnaire, hold the device up to your skin to scan, and viola, you are given a skin score. The tool also provides insights about your skin based on your age and recommendations to help boost your number.

4. Make Up Printing

If you don’t believe robots are taking over, think again. 3D printing technology opened up a new avenue for the cosmetic industry: make up printing.

These devices allow you to choose from an endless portfolio of beauty looks. Just pick your look and allow the system to read your face using facial mapping software and biometric lens’ to analyze the landscape of your face. When your look has rendered, relax as this bot applies FDA-approved make up ink directly to your face.

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