September 30, 2016

InstagramWe all know that cosmetics companies spend a lot of time and money ensuring that their products stand out on retailers’ shelves. However, there is another area that packaging becomes important in selling a product — social media. Packaging that gets noticed on Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook can give beauty brands a big boost in sales.

In many cases, customers view new products on a brand’s social media profile before ever seeing or touching them in real life. This puts a lot o pressure on brands to showcase products in the right light through photos and videos, but also gives them an opportunity to interact with the consumer that traditional marketing doesn’t.

All About the Followers

It’s a big compliment for social media mavens following the brand to share posts, or even create their own posts and tutorials opening and using the product. Not only is this free marketing, but it shows the brand exactly who their social campaigns have connected with.

However, packaging that doesn’t intrigue is less likely to get much interaction on social media. Instead of focusing solely on shelf appeal, beauty brands need to ensure their packaging appeals to customers on its own. The more photogenic, the better.

For a slideshow of cosmetics packaging on social media, see this article from Beauty Packaging.