July 25, 2016

Recycling SymbolA cosmetics trend we’ve often discussed is sustainable packaging. In addition to using responsibly sourced materials in the products and packaging, many manufacturers have launched new take-back recycling initiatives for packaging that is difficult to recycle.

These initiatives allow consumers to easily return materials that otherwise may have wrongly ended up in a landfill because of the complicated recycling process. In addition to being difficult, recycling mixed materials containers can be expensive. While collecting the packaging isn’t exactly cost effective for these companies, it’s worth it for the credibility it builds with consumers.

What are take-back initiatives?

Often, companies concerned with social and economical impact will encourage customers to return their full or empty packages for recycling. Some of the interesting ways different companies have accomplished this include:

  • Bonus product as reward
  • Discount on a future purchase
  • Accepting products from all brands
  • Using the materials to build community playgrounds

The truth is, most consumers would prefer brands that put these initiatives into place even without the incentives. The incentives serve as a reminder for consumers to actually use the programs and utilize the companies’ investments.

For information on these trends, check out this recent article by the Huffington Post.