August 5, 2014

Having trouble convincing your colleagues or higher-ups to invest in better packaging? We certainly understand the value of quality packaging, but unfortunately not everyone does. In order to better make your case to the nonbelievers, here are some tips:

1. Assess Your Current Packaging

We’ve all heard the old adage, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, this generally applies when companies are considering expanding certain budgets. A good place to start is to point out flaws in your packaging design, or discuss what is lacking. Compare your packaging with competitors’ and then compare your sales. Take a look at what other companies are doing that you are not and use cosmetic packaging as a way to solve a problem.

2.  Take an Innovative Approach to Package Introduction

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, it can be difficult to gauge how customers will react to your product on the shelf. Most companies test their packaging in focus groups, but often don’t realize that this can be misleading. Asking questions in a focus group environment often encourages users to judge the packaging on its artfulness, rather than supply accurate information on how the products aligns with the others on the shelf. A great idea for testing is to replicate the store shelf — even stock it up with competing products or your competing design ideas. The study will be much more accurate when it’s realistic to an actual shopping experience.

3. Continue Packaging Testing Beyond the Shelf

Proving that a customer will choose your product on the shelf may not be enough to convince others that new packaging is an improvement. This is when you need to remember that packaging is so much more than a container. The packaging can affect the products usage performance, and then create or deter lifelong customers. There are three features you should be considering here:

  • Does your product attract from the shelf?
  • Once a customer holds the product, what perceptions do they get from your brand?
  • After purchase, how does the packaging affect functionality or inspire future usage?

If your product needs new packaging, and management needs convincing, keep these ideas in mind to make your argument. Cosmetic packaging can truly make all the difference.