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Our Deep Fine Tottle showcases a sleek, straight-sided design that’s not only impact-resistant but also semi-flexible, ensuring effortless squeeze and dispense actions. Crafted with PCR, it’s an ideal choice for accommodating both mild and potent formulas. Its adaptability makes it a go-to packaging for a myriad of skincare and makeup products including masks, sunscreens, and foundations.

Features & Benefits

    • The tottle is manufactured from a blend of PE & PP materials.
    • Offers both mono and multilayer variants, including PE and EVOH.
    • Provides the choice of single and double cap options.
    • Cap can incorporate up to 50% PCR PP.
    • Includes a stainless steel ball for effective ingredient mixing

Product Details

Height: 93.8mm

Item Shape: Cross Section Rectangular

Neck Style: Screw Neck

Minimum Order Quantity: 25000