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The Deep Rock Tottle sports a unique, conical design, crafted with PCR, ensuring it is not only impact-resistant but also semi-flexible for user-friendly squeezing and dispensing. It’s an optimal choice for a wide range of formulas, from mild to potent, making it a versatile packaging solution for a plethora of skincare and makeup products including masks, sunscreens, and foundations.

Features & Benefits

    • The tottle is composed of PE and PP plastic materials.
    • Offers both mono and multilayer configurations, including PE and EVOH.
    • Single and double cap options are available for customization.
    • The cap can be enhanced with up to 50% PCR PP.
    • Features a stainless steel ball to facilitate the mixing of ingredients.

Product Details

Sizes: 8ml, 50ml,

Item Shape: Cross Section Rectangular

Neck Style: Screw Neck

Minimum Order Quantity: 25000

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