July 10, 2015

cosmetic tubesSqueezable plastic tubes in the beauty industry have always been mainly used for toothpaste. In fact, toothpaste is responsible for 63% of squeezable plastic tube sales in the world. However, they are also becoming quite popular in skin care thanks to the growing global popularity of facial cleansers and moisturizers.

Major skin care brands are aware of this growth and the competition between them is always growing stronger. This has inspired many brands to add more value by creating multi-functional products, the current most successful being BB and CC creams. These are more cost effective for consumers as they combine a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, and many are formulated for specific skin types. As these creams are primarily packaged in plastic over glass, this is a unique opportunity for plastic manufacturers.

The Plastic Tube Allows for Market Innovations

Additionally, high end anti-aging skin care products are becoming more frequently available in plastic tubes and spray pumps. Neutrogena and Dior are just two of the major brands to recently release these types of products. In the past, glass packaging has been an indication of a high-end beauty product but plastic has become more efficient for travel and freshness purposes.

With the rising demand, squeezable plastic tubes in skin care are expected to see a growth of 5% over the next five years. For more information on this growing industry, check out this article at Beauty Packaging.