September 17, 2015

Purse full of cosmeticsMintel has released its Personal Care Consumer 2014 report, and with it is striking up conversation about convenience-driven cosmetic packaging. In accordance, smaller sized, portable cosmetics have been emphasized to improve options for grooming on-the-go. Though, the packages for portable cosmetics all over the industry are shifting shape.

The popularity of the Keurig has done more than appease coffee enthusiasts all over the world. The K-Cup has reminded manufacturers of all types of the adaptability of a plastic pod. Rather than traditional travel-size cosmetics, which are often just smaller models of the original bottles, pods allow for more precise one-time applications. So far, we’ve mostly seen pod models in the skin care industry for items like facial cleansers and creams. However, shampoos and liquid concealers aren’t too far behind the trend — especially when brands offer sample sizes.

A World of Possibilities

These packaging ideas can be expanded from a trial basis to include complete kits of one-time use products. This way, consumers can simply toss one of the pods into a bag when in a rush. They don’t even need to worry about getting the right amount of product — as the manufacturer’s already packed it with just enough. Additionally, pods open up a whole new category for retail, such as vending machines very much like the ones currently offered by Proactiv or Benefit Cosmetics.

At East Hill Industries, Inc, we made our debut in one-time application products some time ago. To know more, check out our single use applicator tube.