April 12, 2016

Airless pump cosmetic tubeRecently, our own Robert McDermott was interviewed by Beauty Packaging Magazine about the popularity of airless cosmetic packaging. This type of packaging extends the shelf life of cosmetics, and often makes it more feasible for cosmetics brands to include more natural ingredients in their products. Airless packaging has always been a popular choice for skin care products, but it is now found in all market segments.

At East Hill Industries, Inc, we offer a wide variety of airless bottles, tubes, and jars. See what Rob had to say about the growing demand for airless packaging below.

According to Robert McDermott, director, technical sales, East Hill Industries, “Airless solutions now include jars, tubes, airtight compacts, lipsticks, pens—and many other options. The demand for airless packaging is here to stay, and it is no longer limited to the traditional airless pump.”

Brand marketers are also choosing airless bottles and pumps strictly for functionality, when a product’s formula doesn’t necessarily require it. “More brands are gravitating toward airless bottles for their sleek appearance and ease of use,” says Chong. McDermott is noticing this as well.

“Brand marketers often equate an airless bottle with a luxury product. We are hearing this quite often, particularly with our high-end acrylic and double-wall product lines. They tell us they love the weight, the feel in the hand, the function, and the premium look,” he says.

You can read the full article here. Don’t forget to check out our airless bottles and air tight compacts.