June 26, 2014

Ketchup BottleIt began as a way of lining gas pipes, became part of an innovative ketchup bottle, and is now changing the world of cosmetic packaging.

We’ve all been there — there’s a decent amount of product left at the bottom of your bottle but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to squeeze it out. You either end up tossing the not-fully-used container, or performing surgery to reach those remnants. This is especially painful when it comes to beating glass ketchup bottles. A new, slippery, non-toxic coating developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is lining bottles of everything from mayonnaise to moisturizer to make sure consumers get every last drop of product from the bottle.

This technology is proven to make liquids flow faster from the bottle, while leaving much less waste at the end. Cosmetic Designs sees this as a win for the manufacturer, as consumers will ultimately go through the product quicker and create a faster turnaround time. On the other hand, consumers are getting more for their money from bottles using this slippery coating. All things considered, a win-win.

As of now, no product on the market uses the Liquiglide coating. Some of the coatings will be used in production processes in 2014, and the first commercial product with the coating is expected to hit shelves in 2015. For more information about the LiquiGlide technology and demos of its use, check out this article.