February 3, 2016

woman applying face creamFor most millennials, wrinkles are an issue that seem to be in the distant future. In addition, this generation has demonstrated a desire to be more authentic and natural than generations past. A new campaign by Clarins is tapping into that desire, and using trendy packaging to help.

While promoting its new Multi-Active Day & Night Cream, Clarins is connecting to young women through its new social media campaign #worththewrinkle. They’re encouraging users to share their experiences that are worth the badge of honor (sometimes known as a wrinkle). To get the ball rolling, they recruited some well-known bloggers and vloggers. A handful of these vloggers will be releasing videos every two weeks from now until May. The campaign kicked off on February 8 with a video from blogger Camila Cohelo.

Pantone-Inspired Packaging

Another noteworthy aspect of this product promotion is the packaging. The two jars incorporate Pantone’s two colors of the year. The day cream jar is a pink very similar to rose quartz and the night cream is a blue hue not very far off from serenity. This is one year where Pantone’s color choices make great packaging for just about any type of cosmetic. In the case of beauty creams, the colored jars evoke feelings of calm and peacefulness.

What are your thoughts on the #worththewrinkle campaign? We’re looking forward to hearing some of your wrinkle worthy adventures and whether or not you put up a fight against aging.