May 7, 2017

Metallic Cosmetic TubesIf you haven’t noticed the new trend hitting the makeup sector, you soon will. One of the biggest trends for Spring and Summer 2017 is metallics. Not only are the products themselves intended to create a shiny look, but many brands are opting for golden or silver packaging.

Although the idea of metallics in cosmetic packaging is certainly nothing new, many industry professionals are seeing the use of precious metals in packaging rise in just about every product category. If the packaging itself isn’t in a sleek metal package, then brands are requesting decorations involving metallic foils and pigments. The idea is that the shine of these products will stand out on the shelves.

Metal is Synonymous with Sophistication

As more and more companies are on the search for fully metallized products, meaning cap and bottle or jar, some manufacturers have been creating metallized glass and plastic. This keeps the products lightweight and affordable, but still accomplishes that favored look. The most popular colors at the moment are gold and gun metal silver.

However, many higher end brands are still insisting that real metals be used in their products. In fact, the desire for actual metal components is often higher than the demand for metallization techniques. This is especially true for lipstick cases and compacts. It appears that when a brand wants to appear more luxe, there is just no substitute for the real thing.

Although metallics are certainly trending, don’t be surprised if they don’t fade away soon. Evolving design techniques and printing technology are always creating new ways to use metallics in innovative packaging. Essentially, they’ll always be a great way for brands to appear unique and differentiate from others on the shelf.