August 20, 2014

Louboutin StoreIt’s safe to say you’re familiar with Christian Louboutin — the designer behind those sky-high pumps with the ever-coveted red bottoms. Everything about his shoes and his brand screams high fashion and luxury. Well, the designer has just released a line of nail polish that promises to be every bit as iconic.

The Cap

In addition to some luxe hues, including ‘Rouge Louboutin,’ the line of polish sports some very unique and very recognizable packaging. Just like Louboutin’s famous heels, the nail polish bottles feature a very tall spike on the caps that measures about 8 inches high. Louboutin said the caps were inspired by his impossibly high shoe, the ‘Ballerina Ultima.” Also the inside of these caps are red, creating even more brand recognition. On first glance, these nail polish bottles resemble a calligraphy pen but in detail they are so much more. They are meant to be the height of nail art luxury, which is why the bottles are priced at a whopping $50.

The Bottle

According to Beauty Packaging, Louboutin wanted the weighted glass bottles to create the impression that a beautiful lacquer was imprisoned in a piece of small crystal. His intent is for these nail polish bottles to be displayed on a vanity similar to the way many display luxury fragrance bottles.

The Brush

Beneath the elongated cap hides a brush designed with the nail artist in mind. This scientific creation is said to pick up just the right amount of polish without any of those pesky air bubbles. Additionally, the cap is long and weighted, making it easier to paint with. Users are able to create more precise lines with a brush that is actually similar in shape to a real paint brush or pencil.

The Box

To revert back to the calligraphy pen imagery mentioned earlier, the box is one of the most unique elements of the nail polish packaging. It is a simple, small black box with a hole in the top to allow the spiked top to poke through. The box mimics patent leather in material and features a red stripe in the center. The bottle and box are sold in white paper Christian Louboutin bags, closed with a red ribbon.

While the colors offered in this nail polish line are rich and iconic, you do have to ask yourself what makes the line the “Louboutins” of the nail polish kingdom (aside from name, of course). The truth is the packaging sets it apart from anything else we’ve seen before.

What do you think?