October 28, 2018

Close up view of make up objects on white backIn the information age, technology plays a key role in upcoming beauty trends. Younger generations consume a vast amount of information via social media, giving consumers an edge to create innovative packaging that they can market among these platforms. Brands will need to rely on eye-popping lipstick and mascara designs in order to stop a scroller from scanning their feed. This is where the market is headed — Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter-worthy images of bold, visually enticing designs. Let’s take a closer look at what we expect will be trending in lipstick and mascara packaging for the rest of the year.

Design, Color and Shape

The easiest way to engage a potential buyer? Create unique packaging. Finishing products with screen printing, hot stamping, spraying, metallization, and digital printing are all effective ways to create an item that will surely stand out among the rest. As brands begin to move away from traditional lip and mascara colors to a wider range, consider clear packaging. Showcasing a daring new color with a simplistic design is a great way to market an edgy product.

If your product is traditional, playing up the packaging by opting for an interestingly shaped bottle or cap is key. Packaging that tells a story always wins the attention of a potential buyer.

Customizable and Functional

Brands are gravitating towards customizable components. For instance, giving the buyer a range of mascara brushes to choose from when purchasing a bottle increases the likelihood of a sale. “Add-ons” can encourage a user to feel your product has more value.

Offering a range of the same product in various sizes is also a desirable feature. Our on-the-go culture requires packaging that is easily portable; users enjoy the convenience of a mini lipstick or mascara that can easily be applied anywhere.

Reliable Closures

Convenient packaging that can be thrown into a purse require a tightly-sealed closure. Eco-focused brands that use design to sustain a product, rather than create waste, are considered trail-blazers in the cosmetic industry. Caps that click in place, confirming an airtight, fresh product are viewed as a reliable purchase.

In order to remain in touch with a technologically advanced generation, the key is to create a versatile inventory of products that are easy on the eyes, yet practical and dependable. To learn more about future beauty packaging trends, visit Beauty Packaging.