April 17, 2015

It seems that in the past year there has been a big boost in marketing for men’s grooming products. Part of this boost has been improvements in the packaging and marketing for shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products. This innovation has not missed the Jack Black LLC lines.

From its conception in 2000, Jack Black products have always had a major focus on packaging and image. This year, they have a particular goal to stand out in the world of hair care. They’ve launched a full hair line that includes eight products. Their new dramatic look coincides with this launch and portrays a particularly masculine feel.

Making Shampoo “Manly”

According to Emily Dalton, co-founder and executive vice president of Jack Black, three principles have always inspired the product formulation and packaging — simplicity, quality, and masculinity. Packages have always reflected traditionally masculine items, such as premium liquor bottles and cigar labels. The new 16 oz PET shampoo bottle mimics a flask shape and features a bold, green plastic that almost looks like glass. There is also a Jack Black signature molded into each side of the bottle. The label on the front features a royal blue color with white accents, making it hard to miss on the shelf.

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