August 6, 2015

For a long time, cartons have offered unique opportunities to the cosmetic packaging industry. They provide manufacturers many options when it comes to design, sustainability, and decoration. Although folding cartons have remained a staple in most cosmetics lines, the endless look possibilities make it so no two cartons ever look alike. Some of these design trends are as follows:

Heavy Weight Paper: Heavier, thicker paper in a folding carton creates more depth and dimension. This is exactly the type of thing many luxe and premium brands are looking for in their products. These brands also tend to mimic that look and feel in other products, such as gift cards.

Cold Foiling: Intricate, metallic designs are a trend with many luxury brands these days. However, speed to market is often more important. Foil stamping allows cosmetics packaging and manufacturing companies to provide clients with the best of both worlds.

Clear Plastic: Metallics are not the only way to bring attention to your premium products, however. Clear folding cartons are a great way to showcase the products and are also quite eye-catching from the shelf. According to Pat McGee, Vice President of Marketing at HLP Klearfold, well-executed clear cartons have been proven to enhance performance.

Combination Packaging: Many companies have been receiving requests for packaging made from both plastic and paperboard. This combination creates a unique structure and texture, as well as allows for very different graphics and decorations.

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