June 29, 2016

According to research firm Organic Monitor, roughly 15% of personal care companies are now including ethical food labels such as “gluten-free,” “vegan,” or “non-GMO” on packaging. This is largely due to a trend in which consumers crave transparency as well as accountability from cosmetic companies, much the same way they do with food providers.

It’s been for some time that the demand for natural cosmetics has been increasing. Now, the concern over genetically modified ingredients has crossed over into the personal care sector. This type of labeling is actually required in Europe, but not yet in the United States.

Gluten-Free Personal Care

You may be wondering, ‘how much gluten could there be in my cosmetics?’ The truth is, items like shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, and lotions all often include gluten in their formulas. While some brands are choosing to include ethical food labels on cosmetic packaging, it can be difficult to find any information about the amount of gluten contained in others.

There isn’t enough evidence to say definitively whether or not gluten contained in personal care items might negatively affect users with gluten allergies. Concerns have been raised over whether it can be absorbed by the skin, though there is not much information to back this claim. However, many consumers agree that they would prefer to be made aware of gluten either way.

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