May 28, 2014

Eye ShadowA Germany-based printing company claims it has created the first 360 degree digital printing technology that will allow cosmetic packagers to print onto a cylinder-shaped product.

It seems like this development by Hinterkopf is part of an industry move toward digital printing. Digital printing is expected to grow over the next few years, accounting for 18% of all printed material by 2018. The industry boom is motivated by the following positives of digital printing:

  • Reduced cost for smaller orders
  • Less cleaning and plate alignment
  • Easier design change capability
  • Less dependence on warehouses
  • Higher quality color and image resolution

Traditional printing requires plates to be changed and cleaned between each printing batch, which called for large batches of printing at once. When cosmetics companies move to digital, they’re less reliant on warehouses and more efficient. Rather than waiting on large orders, they can manufacture smaller ones in accordance with demand.

Additionally, digital printing onto hollow cylinders will make it easier for companies to prevent their products from being counterfeited. Digital printing can create more innovative, complicated designs. The color and color fading now available makes it easy for any company to create a higher quality logo on these products.

What’s your opinion of digital printing in cosmetic packaging?

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