September 28, 2020

Clean makeup packagingBeauty products often take center stage in convenience and department stores. Beauty packaging is what customers see first when looking for a new product.

Customers that are loyal to a brand are constantly on the lookout for the newest product. Brand loyal customers will search for their well-known packaging instead of looking for a name.

To optimize sales and use this to their advantage, the brand should understand their target market and know what message they want to send. This will help determine which route to go down when designing packaging.

Creative Design Ideas for Packaging

  • Keep it simple. Sometimes less is better. According to Cosmetic Design, people recall what they’ve seen first by color, then by shape, next by symbol, and last by words. With this knowledge being known, a very simple packaging design that utilizes unique color combinations can result in great sales.
  • Incorporate elegant aspects. Small elegant touches in your packaging can go a long way. Even if products are sold at the drug store, the use of gold and silver foil stamps adds a luxurious effect to your product.
  • Add scents to your packaging. According to The Independent, a study run by Nike showed that adding scents increased the intent to purchase by 80%. This is predicted to work so well because the sense of smell is directly connected to the parts of the brain responsible for processing emotions.
  • Be conscious and consistent with your logo placement. If you have a minimalist packaging design, the logo is going to be noticed. This lets people know your brand’s name is worth knowing. Also if your logo is consistently being placed in the same spot this allows customers to become familiar with your brand. This ultimately helps brand loyalty.
  • Create an experience and tell a story. Your packaging can tell a story to your customers. This works extremely well if you have a clear understanding of your target market. For example, if you’re targeting young girls you should consider adding a girly aspect with some animation to your packaging. Simple art pieces are also known to be very effective in cosmetic packaging.  When you tell a story people are likely to talk about your brand, giving you the best form of marketing, word of mouth.

Packaging to Optimize Sales

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what message you want your brand to stand for when designing your packaging. If this is known then it will help you narrow down your choices and pinpoint the best choice for your brand.

Quadpack Americas offers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your packaging needs. We offer a variety of cosmetics & accessories packaging for a casual, laid-back feel, as well as glass containers for a more elegant look. Quadpack Americas also offers custom packaging that you can use to optimize your sales!