April 8, 2014

When you think about what makes your favorite cosmetics great, you probably think about aspects such as the ingredients, the scent, and its overall performance. However, those of us in the industry know that there is another aspect that can be even more important in creating lifelong customers.

Whether consumers realize it or not, the packaging is what catches their eye while walking down the cosmetics aisle. That’s why brands are always looking for new, intriguing, innovative packaging designs. These out-of-the-box concepts are capable of putting clever brands on the fast track to overwhelming popularity.

For example, you’ve probably noticed the new, popular lip balm eos (meaning evolution of smooth). Whether you’ve seen celebrities sporting it in magazines or twenty-somethings applying it in the mall, this small, egg-shaped product probably made you take a second look. In fact, last year it outsold the classic Chapstick brand and became the best selling lip balm in the USA.

The spherical lip moisturizer being toted by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus comes in 8 flavors, and each flavor has its own brightly colored container. This packaging is soft, with finger indentations meant for an easy twist-off top. In addition to being soft and aesthetically pleasing, the pod houses a formula that customers are proud to use. The eos lip balm is 100% natural, gluten-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Now that the dangers of common personal care items have recently come under fire, consumers are much more concerned with the quality of product they’re using.

As you can see, packaging can completely change the way a product is perceived. By straying away from the traditional tube form and staying a step ahead in formula design, eos has managed to outdo competitors who have been a household name in the industry decades much longer.