December 23, 2019

InstagramIt’s rare to see any person under the age of 50 without a cell phone in their hand these days. Between FaceTime, Snapchat and online shopping, it can be quite hard to detach – and companies looking to boost sales are smart enough to capitalize on this!

Oftentimes, customers view new products on a brand’s social media profile before seeing them on the shelves. This affords companies the opportunity to interact with customers in a virtual setting that doesn’t require the consumer to do much other than unlock their phone.

The influence of social media has paved a new way for companies looking to market their cosmetics; let’s take a look at a few of these trends:

It’s All About the Followers

If you aren’t familiar with the term social media influencer, you may be living under a rock. Nowadays, you can become famous by building a following around your passion. So, if you happen to be a makeup guru, you might launch an Instagram about cosmetics.

Social media influencers have become huge for companies. Younger generations rely on platforms like Instagram and YouTube for news and reliable recommendations. Companies that have caught on to this incentivize influencers to review their products, which means every hashtag, selfie or review turns into a free ad.

Two-for-One Functionality

It can be argued that social media has made us all a little bit lazier. Instead of catching up with a friend over coffee, you can interact with a curated Bitmoji or simply FaceTime! These advancements of convenience have spilled over into our shopping experiences.

Cosmetic companies have created plenty of two-for-one tools that accomplish more than one task. Whether it’s dual-ended pencils for eyes or face creams that both moisturize and conceal, streamlining the application process is definitely important to modern consumers. Anything that can applied with one hand is especially helpful for today’s social media crazed audience.

Cyber Shopping & Subscriptions

More and more people use social media as a tool for shopping. Now, you can browse Facebook Marketplace or follow your favorite brands on Instagram for the hottest deals. As shopping continues to become easier, more companies have begun offering subscriptions.

The cosmetic subscription box craze is genius; who doesn’t want a hand-picked collection of products from high-quality brands delivered directly to your doorstep? Not only do these kinds of services allow cosmetic companies to get more products out in front of consumers, but it encourages a new kind shopping hobby that’s billable on a monthly basis.

Collecting Experiences

Platforms like TikTok, Pinterest and VSCO promote this idea of collecting experiences through photography and video footage. Companies have tapped into this theme by creating content that allows consumers to digitally store favorited items by “adding to your digital closet” or “hearting.” These kinds of experiences add a whole new level of shopping that can’t be achieved at the mall.

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