November 19, 2018

lotion cosmetics Spending on beauty and personal care products continues to increase globally, which leads to an increasing need for beauty packaging. Effective, innovative skin care packaging continues to trend as beauty companies expand their horizons to include new anti-aging properties and ingredient alternative breakthroughs. Let’s take a look at how your brand can be on the cutting edge this year.

Functionality and Sustainability

As ecommerce continues to increase, sustainable packaging becomes especially important. Airless bottles and sealed caps are popular methods for containment, which ensures the integrity of your product.

As pollution continues to increase, brands should shift their focus to marketing their products in reusable containers. Product sustainability is paramount, but offering packaging that allows a consumer to reuse the container after consumption is a bonus.

Design Matters

The digital era makes constant reinvention is necessary! Younger generations rely on social media to understand trends in the market. Using transparent packaging or color designs can help your brand stand out among the rest.

Packaging is also shifting to offer new, creative methods for delivering common products. For instance, jars carry a variety of skin care applications and dropper systems aren’t just applicable for cough syrup—but now oils and serums.

Convenience Counts

Our on-the-go culture requires packaging that comes in all sizes. Creating products in different sized packages sparks a sense of loyalty to your brand. Consumers will be able to purchase multiple sizes of your product to use at work, home, as well as on the go.

We are seeing more brands target specific lifestyles, like eco-friendly. Totable cosmetic products also cater to the currently trending minimalistic style.

To learn more about packaging in the beauty and personal care sector, check out this article or visit our inventory. East Hill carries customizable packaging in a range of sizes.