May 13, 2015

For cosmetics companies with multiple products available, establishing visual uniformity can help get those products noticed on the shelf. Because of this, many packaging suppliers have started to develop what are referred to as packaging families to create a signature look as well as save time and money during the design process.

One major positive aspect of the packaging family is establishing credibility within the brand. Inconsistent graphic branding and packaging is often perceived as careless, implying that the product inside may not be of the best quality. Additionally, studies show that many consumers unconsciously crave consistency and often desire the identifiable product.

East Hill Industries, Inc on Packaging Families

This information was originally published in an article by Beauty Packaging, and our very own Director of Technical Sales Robert McDermott was asked for his input. He discussed a different aspect of packaging families — the benefits for manufacturers. First, he pointed out that the same tooling costs could be applied to multiple products within the family. “For example, a family of wide diameter, short profile PP airless bottles in 30-, 50- and 100ml capacities, could all share the same pump mechanisms, housing, collars and actuators, meaning that the investment would only need to be made in three new bottle shapes.”

Additionally, applying the same fundamental design points to various products certainly saves time and cost in the design process. Rather than starting from scratch, designers can use the existing look and feel as a base, then tweak better suit the individual pieces in the packaging family. Then, more focus can be applied to differentiating the different products and benefits in the line while still maintaining a uniform shelf presence.

McDermott pointed out that East hill’s line of in-stock, on demand cosmetic tubes are excellent for developing product lines. “Although not a major breakthrough in terms of matching styles, our ability to offer tubes with a matching cap design from .25 oz. all the way up to 8 oz., ready for dispatch within 48 hours, has proven popular with brands big and small,” he says. “The tubes are all five-layer, co-ex PE material with PP caps, providing the very best barrier capabilities that can handle almost all formulations and are available in white or natural color to give brands the canvas to get creative in their custom decoration.”

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