June 22, 2016

Metallic Cosmetic TubesFor both cosmetic brands and consumers, tubes are often a preferred packaging solution. They’re portable and allow for one-handed application, which is more hygienic for the user. Additionally, tubes allow you to squeeze out every last drop of product, providing a better value. Cosmetic tubes are also very easy to recycle, which makes them a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Recently, our Director of Technical Sales Robert McDermott was interviewed by Beauty Packaging on the benefits that tubes offer brands. In the article, he says that “from a brand perspective, tubes deliver a lot of bang for the buck as a highly deco-friendly packaging solution that can be produced quickly in comparison to other packaging mediums. Tubes give brands an abundance of surface real estate to display product information and decoration for on-shelf differentiation.” The following is a direct quote in the Beauty Packaging article:

“A large, 360-degree printable area gives ample room for brands to clearly display their logo, their product, its benefits and all of the increasing regulatory information required of a cosmetic product,” McDermott says. “Add to that custom colors, metallic effects, graduated printing, life-like flexo-printing and a multitude of header and cap options and you have one versatile, squeezable, advertising board for your products.”

Another advantage of tubes is that they can be produced quickly. “With the proliferation of automatic tube filling machinery in the U.S., tube filling costs can also be kept low to give a total delivered product which can provide brands with great margins,” Beauty Packaging quotes McDermott, “New brands or established brands with new product lines can utilize this great benefit of tube packaging to react more quickly to market forces.”

For more on the benefits of cosmetic tubes, don’t miss the full article on Beauty Packaging.