April 22, 2019

Woman applying product from a sustainable jarWith Earth Day around the corner, we are all brainstorming ways we can promote an eco-friendly lifestyle; however, mother nature approved beauty isn’t a trend that is exclusively celebrated on April 22nd.

Minimalistic styles and sustainable packaging have been on the rise in 2019. Let’s take a look at 3 trends companies are standing behind.

3 “Green” Packaging Trends

  1. Connected Packaging

Connected packaging, also known as smart packaging, is a growing trend that allows companies to align their values by promoting ideas through design. Labels that use digital watermarks, like QR codes, offer consumers the chance to connect with a product on a personal level. Offering information in a digital format is a modern form of communication that doesn’t generate waste! An additional bonus? Companies can promote earth-saving causes through graphics and design elements.

  1. Zero Waste

East Hill wood cosmetic jar

Over the past five decades, environmental agencies have discovered disturbing data about what is floating around in our oceans, and unfortunately the damage doesn’t stop there! Eco conscious companies have shifted their agenda to offer sustainable products. Glass and wood packaging designed to be reused have seen a major uptrend lately. Eye catching packaging that will display nicely after the product is consumed adds value to the modern buyer.

  1. Downsizing

Minimalism is in, excess packaging is out. Not only do we love reusable jars and bottles, but on-the-go, simple packaging that works to limit our eco-footprint is a win-win. Consumers are less enticed by large bulky items that take up space and compound environmental issues. Customers are more likely to turn to brands that offer a range of products in varying sizes.

Package Responsibly with East Hill

When it comes to design and packaging considerations, environmental concerns come to the forefront. East Hill is happy to offer several sustainable, reusable options for smart, modern brands who look to promote a healthy environment for everyone.

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