August 31, 2023

Beauty packaging made of wood from managed forests brings a host of benefits to brands, consumers and the environment

Wood has become a fully-fledged member of the material portfolio for cosmetics packaging. Its characteristics allow infinite creativity, while lending a touch of natural luxury to any beauty product. Some myths persist about how sustainable wood really is, however, and many people wonder what happens at the end of life of a wooden component. Here is a round-up of the reasons why wood, quite simply, is good.

Wood is an endlessly renewable resource

Sustainable forest management (SFM) ensures that wood is continually regenerated. Forest certification programmes like FSC® and PEFC™ promote responsible practices and verify the origins of raw material. Thanks to these practices, growing stock in European forests has doubled since 1990 and over 23% of forests is protected to conserve biodiversity.

Wood is a carbon sink

Wood helps mitigate climate change. Trees release oxygen and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. In fact, forests are the world’s second largest carbon sink, after oceans. Younger, growing trees have greater potential to absorb CO2 than old trees, making sustainably-managed forests more efficient carbon sinks than those left in a natural state. Upon harvesting, each 1kg of wood holds on average 1.7kg of CO2.

Wood is clean to obtain