May 29, 2015

Organic CosmeticsAccording to a new report from Research and Markets, cosmetics users are tending to choose natural and organic products — especially in skin care.

In fact, skin care products account for the largest segment of organic personal care products in terms of revenue. This is due to an increase in concern for health as well as a launch of new products and widening distribution channels. The second leading segment was hair care, followed by cosmetics. The cosmetics segment is quickly growing as new products are now entering the market.

Organic Cosmetics

Growing out of this organic trend are new ways to find and purchase cosmetics. Take for example Beautycounter, an e-commerce cosmetics retailer established in 2013 that has banned more than 1,500 ingredients suspected of contributing to health concerns. Sales at Beautycounter have grown 325% year over year, and the company expects to reach two million units sold by 2015.

North America was the largest consumer of organic personal care in 2013 and accounted for 34.9% of global consumption. Europe followed, and was responsible for 28.9%. In Europe, Germany and France were the highest consumers. Japan is expected to see the fastest growth of all regions, already accounting for just under half of the total demand for organic personal care products in Asia Pacific.The fact that natural and holistic remedies are already included in Japan’s culture is expected to make the transition to organic cosmetics easier for manufacturers.

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