October 29, 2023

Quadpack’s new refillable stick dispenses product in a personalized shape.



It’s fun, it’s surprising, it’s wow! It’s the ultimate interaction between pack, formula and consumer. ShapeUp Stick is the sensational new solution from Quadpack that takes brand personalization to new heights. Thanks to a custom design plate, the 12.5ml stick dispenses high-viscosity formulas in just about any shape or form – a logo, a symbol or any geometric pattern that adds meaning and helps tell a story. ShapeUp Stick boosts brand equity and engages consumers like no other product. Using the pack becomes a mood-boosting journey in itself, tying in with ‘beautytainment’ and ‘dopamine beauty’ trends.

As an airtight solution for skincare and makeup formulas, it protects the product from drying out, keeping the experience fresh, every time. The bulk is actuated through a twist gesture in a personalized shape, which is then picked up with a swipe or stamping gesture – perfect for fun content on TikTok.

ShapeUp Stick combines a great user experience with eco-designed convenience. It is easily refillable and recyclable and available with recycled content. The whole pack is monomaterial PP, while the cap and base can be made of PCR PP. Quadpack’s PIP (positive-impact packaging) rating system, based on life-cycle assessments, puts ShapeUp Stick at an ‘Advanced Level’ of sustainability.


It’s versatile, too: ShapeUp Stick can be used for moisturizer, foundation, blush, highlighter and a host of other formulations.

Patent pending to be granted.

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