January 18, 2018

Woman with perfumeIt’s not exactly a secret that women consider their fragrance a very personal decision. This is so true, according to a study published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, that many women opt not to share the name of their favorite perfume with their friends.

While this isn’t news to most women, Cosmetics Design reported that many of the men involved with the study did find it surprising. One female member of the research team introduced to the men the taboo of women gifting a fragrance to other women.

Women Don’t Gift Perfume

The study found that because personal fragrance is such a well-kept secret, gifting a perfume to another woman often suggests that you don’t actually enjoy the scent yourself. In other words, if you were actually drawn to the perfume you would never share it with another woman.

Another aspect of this taboo is that gifting perfume might actually suggest you don’t enjoy the recipient’s current scent. This could potentially be a great insult, as most women wear the same fragrance for years without telling others the name of the scent.

Men’s Fragrance is a Different Story

In addition to buying fragrances they enjoy for themselves, the study shows that most women are also willing to purchase fragrances for the men in their lives, such as a close friend, boyfriend, or family member. The idea here is that they can choose the scents they surround themselves with, without worrying about insulting the male recipient.

For more information, check out the full article at Cosmetics Design.

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