June 22, 2020

Plethora of beauty samplesRetail as we once knew it will be forever changed due to COVID-19. In order to keep customers and staff safe many stores are implementing social distancing, contact-less pickup, and more. But what does this mean for the beauty community? A large part of shopping for beauty products includes trying on samples. The industry is trying to find a way to do this safely.

How Companies are Safely Implementing Sample Products

Beauty selling and buying is going to be reimagined. So far, three different methods are commonly used for contactless beauty sampling. There is digital try-on, single-dose packaging, and automatic dispensing. According to Euromonitor, beauty samples are the third-largest driver to purchase full-size products. With that being said, sampling methods will be forever changed but the importance will not be overlooked.

Digital try-on has never been better as technology and augmented reality continues to progress. Single-use samples are great options for curbside pickups, delivery sampling, and in-store environments. We continue to use automatic dispensing for products like soap and hand sanitizer, so why not do the same with beauty products?

According to Cosmetic Design, popular beauty retail stores, including Ulta, have opened and implemented Shop Safe Standards, which does not currently include sampling. As more stores begin to reopen, many brands continue to propose and brainstorm new ideas for safe sampling.

Packaging For Sample Products

If you are a company interested in packaging for your new sampling methods, there is no better time to start brainstorming about packaging options.

Quadpack Americas offers multiple options for your sampling needs. This includes plastic packages, jars, pump bottles, tubes, spray bottles, and more. Feel free to contact us by filling out our online contact form today.

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