November 12, 2015

Organic CosmeticsIt’s no secret that today’s consumer is more conscious about the formulation of cosmetics products than any previous generation. Personal care products that appear to be formulated with all natural ingredients are very trendy at the moment. In many cases, the perception that the product is natural is more important than whether or not that claim is entirely true.

The “natural” category of skin care products is one of the fastest growing across the world, according to Lucie Greene, worldwide director of JWT Intelligence. Greene presented a report titled Beauty: the new natural at a CEW Global Trends Event. Cosmetics Design summarized Greene’s points in an article, quoting her as saying consumers aspire to “360 wellbeing.” As part of this aspiration, Greene said that items including incorporating certain traits like reuse, bacteria, or vinegar are trending and blurring category lines. Other significant “natural” trends mentioned include:

  • Waterless Washing
  • Fermented Beauty
  • Farm to Face
  • Beauty Kitchen
  • Super Food Beauty

Greene also noted that consumers are developing a suspicion of many major brands, rightly questioning whether products marketed as “natural” are actually made from natural ingredients. However, that suspicion isn’t necessarily being reflected in these companies’ sales reports. As organic and indie cosmetics brands start to gain bigger followings, we could see many legacy brands being challenged in the near future.

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