March 15, 2018

Taking selfie with phoneWe’re all aware that the technological advancements happening each day are changing our daily lives. We’re not far from self-driving cars and home deliveries by drone, but what big advancements are heading for the cosmetics industry? The newest trend is trying out new makeup looks virtually.

CoverGirl has launched a new app where shoppers can try on and purchase cosmetics right from their cell phones. The app utilizes a live camera and currently features five Spring 2018 makeup looks. If users like what they see, they can easily purchase the different products used to create each look directly from Walmart.

You can visit to see for yourself. The five trends currently available on the app include:

  • Perfectly Matte Lip
  • Smoky Eye
  • No Makeup Makeup
  • Doe-Eyed
  • Bold Brow

A recent article on Beauty Packaging quotes Ukonwa Ojo, senior vice president of CoverGirl, Coty, as saying:

“At CoverGirl we believe that makeup is so much more than a cosmetic – it’s a tool for self-expression. That’s the inspiration for our new brand purpose and campaign, ‘I am what I make up.’ As part of this mission, we need to show up for beauty lovers in compelling ways that resonate with how they absorb content and shop for products. This means being present when they are searching for inspiration to create whatever version of themselves they feel like being in that moment. This is why we decided to develop a tool that would allow them to try on full-face beauty looks, rather than a single product, and make these looks instantly shoppable.”

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