September 20, 2017

InstagramIt’s rare to see any person under the age of 30 without a cell phone in their hand these days. Quite often, this cell phone is seen held out in front of this person, taking a selfie, video, or facetiming. With all of this time spent with our faces on camera, cosmetics and personal care have never been so in focus.

In fact, every selfie posted on Instagram has the potential to be an ad or review. Social media has become a powerful tool for consumers to express themselves freely with cosmetics and voice their honest opinions. Others use social media as a tool for shopping. According to an article on Beauty Packaging, these sentiments were echoed by exhibitors at the 8th edition of Makeup in Paris held at the Carrousel du Louvre. Some of the most obvious trends sparked on social media included the following:

Natural Looks

Surprisingly, one of the biggest growing trends is the appearance of no makeup. Natural beauty is the goal, even if it does require some effort to get there. Some popular products for achieving this look include silicone applicators, primers, concealers, and blush.

“Bomb” Items

We’re not referring to any explosions here, but instead a trend inspired by the super popular “bath bombs” which start as solid spheres but fizz and dissolve into a beautiful, scented display when added to bath water. Likewise, new soap, hair care, and even lip gloss now begin in sphere or bead form but burst during application.

Two-for-One Functionality

The more that can be accomplished with one tool, the better! Whether it’s dual-ended pencils for eyes or face creams that both moisturize and conceal, streamlining the application process is definitely important to modern consumers. Anything that can applied with one hand is especially helpful for today’s social media crazed audience.

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