September 17, 2014

Powder MakeupIn California recently, there has been a bit of turmoil over the use of titanium dioxide (TiO2) is skincare products produced by some mainstream brands. The Public Interest Alliance (PIA) filed a lawsuit claiming that these brands have failed to provide a proper warning to consumers about a possible link between titanium dioxide and an increased risk of tumors. Mainly, the PIA would like the warning to address the fact that this link requires more study.

In an effort to settle the lawsuit, Allure, DermaQuest, Murad, Dr. Hauschka Skincare, and Melaleuca have agreed to re-label or remove titanium dioxide from their products. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to definitively say that titanium dioxide causes tumors, this move will certainly bring awareness and perhaps even motivate continued study. These labels will allow consumers to make educated decisions about cosmetic use.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

TiO2 is a common ingredient in all types of cosmetics including mineral makeup and other powders, toothpaste, and sunscreen. What has caused the concern is a study performed by French scientists that indicated titanium dioxide nano particles from mineral makeup may accumulate in the lungs, irritating them and perhaps causing cancer.

Titanium dioxide powder is white and occurs naturally, which is why many mineral lines choose to use it in their products. However, just because it occurs naturally does not necessarily mean it is completely safe to use cosmetically. There is also other research still underway that may prove certain forms of TiO2 to be more safe than others.

While it’s not yet possible to tell if this move by 5 brands will have a health impact in California, you have to respect brands that are open and honest with consumers. You can read more on this topic at  Cosmetics Design.

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