November 17, 2014

Man with MaskCosmetics companies in Asia are switching their focus from UV protection to anti-pollution claims, thanks to rising levels of air pollution particularly in China. Bath items, hair products, and now skin care items are claiming to reduce or prevent the effects of pollution. Specifically, PM 2.5 have become an issue that many companies are doing their best to address.

PM 2.5 are very small particles that fill the air and create the hazy-look that we’re accustomed to seeing in especially urban areas. Although skin will not absorb these particles, they often still cause surface problems such as acne or dryness. This issue has prompted response from many major cosmetics companies. With Chinese news coverage bringing tons of media attention to PM2.5 and its affects on skin, there has never been a better time for cosmetics companies to market toward this trend.

Skin Care to Fight Air Pollution

Mintel recently announced that anti-pollution claims have grown 63% from 2011 to 2013, making it the category to watch in the near future. Although these claims have penetrated just about every personal care category, skin care items are the most likely to carry an anti-pollution claim.

According to Cosmetics Design, skin care products with anti-pollution claims create an invisible layer on the skin that prevents contact with pollutants, and often include these other properties:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Detoxifying
  • UV protection
  • BB elements

Personal care giant Unilever has even jumped in on the action. Unilever recently released “Pond’s Pure White Cleansing Line,” which claims to use secondary carbonization technology and Kaolin formula to clean PM2.5 from the skin five times better than other cleansers.

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