September 11, 2014

Perfume BottleIt seems as though the era of celebrity fragrances is coming to a close. You know what we mean, those unique bottles with iconic caps that could double as decorative sculptures. This packaging made those products easy to identify, and may have encouraged consumers to use display them.

However, those giant caps in the shapes of flowers and hearts are starting to seem a bit gimmicky, as is evidenced in a sudden preference for more classic cosmetic packaging. Specifically, many perfumes are channeling a vintage look for their newest fragrance releases. This year, we can look forward to seeing heavy caps with sophisticated, double glass bottles that may remind you of what your grandmother’s vanity tray would have looked like decades ago.

Some of the big name brands taking part in this trend include:

  • Fossil
  • J. Crew
  • Diana Vreeland Parfums

J. Crew and Fossil have taken the vintage commitment a step further, even naming their fragrances  after the historic eras which inspired them. J. Crew’s perfumes, No. 31 and No. 57, were inspired by the first all-female art show that occurred on January 5, 1943. It was called, “Exhibition by 31 Women” and held at New York’s Art of this Century gallery on East 57th Street. According to Beauty Packaging, the fragrances also feature notes meant to remind us of the cocktails and perfumes of the 1940’s.

You can probably guess on your own the inspiration behind Fossil’s new men’s and women’s fragrances, both named 1954. Both fragrances come in matching square bottles with circular caps that look like wood. The women’s perfume is a pale yellow color, visible through a clear glass bottle. On the other hand, the men’s fragrance is darker and very similar to the amber color of a classic scotch.

How do you feel about this vintage trend?

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