February 21, 2022

Advances in sustainable business transformation have led to an improved score

Ecovadis Gold MedalQuadpack has been awarded a Gold Medal by EcoVadis, the global, independent rating agency for sustainability management. The beauty packaging provider has improved its score, reaching a total of 70/100, thanks to its policies and actions in ethics, labor & human rights, environment and sustainable procurement. In addition, Louvrette, a Quadpack company, has maintained its Silver Medal.

Quadpack’s sustainability strategy aims to have a positive impact on society and the environment through its people, processes and products. “We have kept our focus and commitment with this strategy despite the challenges that we’ve all faced in the last two years,” says Hulya Gray, Quadpack Sustainability Champion.

Quadpack’s processes are on course to make such a positive impact, in particular:

Carbon management – The biomass plant in Quadpack Wood is helping reduce around 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. In 2021, Quadpack launched a reforestation project in Spain that is helping recover areas touched by wildfires in the last few years.

Energy management – 100% of manufacturing plants, offices in Barcelona and Louvrette and five more sites use renewable electricity.

Smart manufacturing – An Industry 4.0 project is being rolled out at Quadpack Wood, with Internet of Things (IoT) devices providing real-time data of the manufacturing process, giving process visibility and efficiency control of the equipment. This multi-year project will include more factories and system implementation.

Business transformation – The first wave of Quadpack Connect, a long-term digitalization project that includes the deployment of new ERP, CRM, data and analytics tools from the SAP HANA suite, has gone live in 2021.

Supply chain – Thanks to the EcoVadis Buyer Module platform, Quadpack can support and follow its suppliers’ sustainable transformation.

B Corp – In 2022, Quadpack aims to join the ecosystem of B Corp-certified companies that work to make businesses a force for good.

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