January 20, 2024

Through its charitable arm, Quadpack participated in 31 community projects worldwide, with renewed focus on supporting underprivileged youth


Quadpack Foundation extended its reach in 2023, by narrowing its focus, to prioritize projects aimed at young people in need. With the help of almost 100 volunteers, all Quadpack employees and their families, we were able to promote a host of social initiatives that were educational and transformative, while engaging with the communities where Quadpack has a home. This approach has a multiplier effect, encouraging stakeholders in our sector to get involved. We even partnered with the foundation of a long-time client, beauty brand Natura Bissé, on Project Difference, its teacher training program for children with learning difficulties. Here are just a few of the 31 projects we supported this year:

Eco-design sessions with NATIVES (Spain)

New generations are key to sustainable transformation. In collaboration with NATIVES, the impact platform for schools, Quadpack headquarters opened the doors to its offices and test laboratory to local design students. The young people gained insights into sustainability in design and explored the sustainable materials we use for our products. Quadpack volunteers also took part in the NATIVES Challenge, evaluating projects from schools worldwide, based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Sprachcafé with Kiron (Germany)

Kiron believes that everyone has an equal right to access quality education – and we agree! That’s why Quadpack Foundation joined one of the many virtual learning opportunities offered by the German NGO, aimed at supporting people in challenging situations. Our volunteers engaged in online German classes for refugee women, helping them to improve their chances of integration and access to the local job market.

Cleaning up the river with Onday (Korea)

Quadpackers in Korea brought their families to a river-cleaning initiative in Guro-gu, Seoul, organized by Onday. Together, they crafted ‘effective microorganism’ clay balls and threw them into the river to help its restoration. The families learned about the importance of tackling pollution, fostering a sense of responsibility and care for our planet and inspiring young generations to work towards a sustainable future.

Visit and mentoring with Casal dels Infants (Spain)

Quadpack hosted young women at risk of exclusion, through the foundation’s association with Casal dels Infants. We introduced them to our company and foundation and gave practical advice about the job market. The NGO’s Cristina Savin said the girls were surprised to discover such a multicultural and welcoming environment: “They came back full of enthusiasm to continue their studies and felt a closer connection to the business world, which turned out to be much more humane and inviting than they had expected.”

Job market preparation with Apprentis d’Auteuil (France)

Apprentis d’Auteuil equips vulnerable youth who are at risk of dropping out of the education system with information about their chosen work sector. Our Paris office hosted young people looking to join the job market. Together with Quadpack volunteers, they tailored their CVs and received advice on looking for work, preparing for interviews and more. By boosting their confidence, we hope that each of them can find their place in society!

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