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Pack CodeJAR-PJA0055WDTY-50ml
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A innovative jar designed for individuals who embrace novelty, featuring a 100% refillable wooden exterior crafted for durability. With a simple twisting and pulling motion, the jar can be opened, accommodating both left and right-handed individuals. The inner polypropylene jar can be effortlessly removed and replaced. Brands have the opportunity to showcase their individuality with a range of inspiring wooden decor options and colors.

Features & Benefits

    • Proprietary Opening Mechanism
    • Exclusively Wooden Exterior
    • Free of Adhesive
    • Replaceable Polypropylene Container
    • Interchangeable Cap Lining
    • Timber from Managed Forests
    • Two Standard Finish Options: A & B
    • Contemporary Appearance with a Flat Form and Impressive Size
    • Made in Europe

Product Details

Sizes: Version A, Version B,

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000

Printing Options: Laser Pad Printing Silk Screen Painting

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