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Gala Lip Gloss

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Introducing the Gala – a 4.5ml PET container that offers the ultimate sustainable packaging experience while emanating sophistication and elegance. You have the option to customize it with 100% recycled PET components upon order, showcasing your commitment to environmental consciousness. The Gala’s unique and thick curvaceous design makes it a standout addition to any collection, while the four meticulously crafted applicators cater to the formulation needs of your face, eyes, and lips. Embodying the pinnacle of eco-friendly beauty packaging, the Gala is a must-have for anyone looking to combine sustainability and luxury.

Features & Benefits

The Pure: Silicone spatula for precise yet delicate application
The Essential: Provides a soft and easy application due to its extra flexibility.
The Irresistible: Offers a rigid and precise application experience that's effortless.
The Glamorous: Allows for effortless application thanks to its flexibility and softness.
The Elegant: Comes with a firm and precise doe-foot shape applicator for accurate and precise application.
  • Material: Full PET cap, rod, and bottle with the option for 100% rPET components
  • Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Applicators: Four different applicators available for face, eyes, and lips
  • Design: Thickened rounded bottle for a clean and modern look
  • Shape: Cylindrical shape for easy handling and portability
  • Eco-conscious: Option for 100% recycled materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Versatile: Can be used with a variety of makeup formulas for different looks
  • Convenient: Fits easily in purse or makeup bag for on-the-go touch-ups

Product Details

Sizes: Glamorous - 4.5ml, Essential - 4.5ml, Irresistable - 4.5ml, Elegant - 4.5ml,

Item Shape: Cylindrical